Glider add-on


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So here is the scenario. Have my CFI, CFII, MEI and now have a crazy addiction to glider flying.
Looking forward to checkride time and I’m trying to figure out if I have to get my private glider license first, or can I just do a commercial glider checkride right off the bat.
And forward even more, what is involved in a CFI-G checkride?
You can skip ahead to adding the glider rating to your CPL. Just like you could do a MEL, or a helicopter.

IIRC, the CPL glider requires 10 more solo flights, but that's about it.

Same deal with the CFI-G, you already hold a CFI cert, you are just adding a new catagory.
I chose to get a sport glider add-on. The presolo training is the same for sport, private, or commercial. The sport add-on only requires 3 solo flights for a total of an hour, a private add-on requires 10 solo flights and a commercial add-on requires 20 solo flights. I chose to get a sport rating because the limitations and privileges were exactly what I wanted in a glider rating. If I was to do the additional 17 solo flights for a commercial license, it would've been done .1 at a time in the traffic pattern since I don't live close to the field where I was training, and only had 4 days to devote to the process. Since getting my license, I've had over 20 solo pleasure flights (most of which were a tow to 1000 feet followed by several hours of soaring) and I could now upgrade my ticket to commercial if the mood ever strikes me.