Gleim vs. King


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What do you all recomend for PPL written study? My instructor said get the King DVDs but said that Gleim would work too. What's the difference (besides one is twice as much as the other)? Also, any suggestions for a good basic headset ANR or not? I was looking at the DC 10-13. Any other thoughts? Thanks.



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They are both about the same, besides the cost, and the fact one is visual... but if you have no problem reading, I would go with gleim.


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for the headset i got a peltor proGT ANR. and i like it very much. you might want to check ebay for a good price on a headset.


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Everyone I've talked to at my local FBO says go with the Gleim. It is what I have, and am very happy with the flow of the book.


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Gleim is good, so is the King stuff if you can stand the corniness. I would highly recommend the Gleim software. It is in my opinion the best way to learn the material for the test. However, learning the material for the test does not mean you have a true understanding of everything you should know for safe operation. I really like the Rod Machado book. If you really want to learn and understand the material, buy his book and the Gleim software.

Good Luck!


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One more thing. I don't think you can go wrong with the David Clark's. I have had the same set since 1995 without a single problem. I have the H20-10's, but the H10-13's are definately the most popular.


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King Videos are great if you can stand them. The information is very thouroughly explained. I can't watch for more than 15 minutes at a time.

I loved Gleim, easy layout, easy to understand.

David Clark's are the best, mine (DC H10-13.4s) are in great shape (only 4 years old) but my husband got his as a gift from his grandmother to celebrate his first solo. This was in 1987, and his still work perfectly.