Glare And vision Problems


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I currently am suffering from Astigmitism and night glare.
Do I still have a chance with the airlines?
Is there something I could do about it.
It just happend instantly.
I was seeing great , next thing i went to the doctor and found out i need to wear glasses for night flight.
Anyways, I have no medical restrictions on my third class.
Get some bilberry extract at Wal-Mart. It's about $4 for 60 tablets. I take one each day, not what the label on the bottle says. Do a search on the web about it, particularly GNC stores for details.

Also, get better rest, cut out the aspartame (found in Equal, diet soft drinks, and yes, even some chewable vitamins!), and see if you can reduce the stress level too. That should help with the stigmatism part a little.