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HAs anyone gotten a refund from pan am. I applied and paid the depsoit of 500. I ampretty sure it was fully refundable. How hard is it to get it back? was it a hassle?

I dont mind if i haave to wait 30-60 days to get it back. thats not a problem. I just dont want to answer, why do you want it back, and i reply well, on i got a bad impression of pan am. Just kidding I wont say that. and thats not 100% true either, but it did play a role. thanks for all your input guys.


If your referring to the $500 "application fee" that you pay when you submit your application, it's a loaded answer.

You don't get that money back right away, they instead take that $500 and put it in an "insurance" account as a deductible in case you damage a plane or something to that effect.

The only way its refundable is when you get to the end of the program, and you haven't had to use it for any of the above reasons.

I remember when I first asked Bob the Salesman about that $500 during one of my tours and the answer he gave me didn't match what the Career Counselor had told me. My Career Counselor told me about it being an insurance deductible for training, and Bob told me flat out that I would get the money back when I got accepted to the academy. When I told him what the Career Counselor had said he got very defensive very quick, and changed his story in a way that made me think I misunderstood what he originally said.

Gotta love Bob! :)
I liked bob, he was a nice guy. everyone on the board talks about him as a used car salesman. But i guess that is his job. Do the admissions offocers/salesman work off commission?
I posted this hear to respond to your comment and made it into a new subject. Hear are some insights of what my application for admission states and what the actual contract has to say about refunds.

Application for Admission: “A check or money order made payable to Pan Am International Flight Academy or a credit card payment (we need the credit card number and expiration date) in the amount of $500 (domestic students) or $1,000 (international students) must accompany this application. This deposit will be applied to your training costs. PLEASE PRINT OR TYPE ALL INFORMATION REQUESTED.”
Payment: “An initial deposit of $500 for domestic students and $1,000 for international students is due with application. This deposit will be applied to your training account upon enrollment.”

Refund Policy: “Should termination of this contract become necessary for any reason, the following refund policy will apply: Once the applicant has enrolled he/she shall be responsible for any and all training provided plus any and all other expenses incurred up to and including the final training activity in which the student participates or was scheduled to participate. This activity includes, but is not limited to any of the following: groundschool, flight in an aircraft, briefing with an instructor, flighty training device session, simulator session, organized study session, written examination, or applicable no-show charges. All moneys paid by an Applicant, less any charges posted to the Student’s account, are refunded if requested within three days after signing the enrollment agreement and making an initial payment. For an Applicant who withdraws or is terminated after three days but prior to completion of the program, the School shall refund all moneys paid less all applicable charges including an administrative fee and a $250.00 visa processing fee (if applicable). The administrative fee shall be the lesser of $2,000.00 or 10 percent of the Student’s unused tuition amount. The unused tuition amount will be calculated by subtracting the actual program costs incurred by the student (up to and including the date of official withdrawal) from the Student’s estimated tuition amount listed on Page 1 of this agreement. Any refund amounts will be less any unpaid charges and non-program charges owed by the student. Any money to be refunded to the Student will be returned no earlier than 30 days after the date of official withdrawal or termination, and no later than 60 days after the date of official withdrawal or termination. Any refunds will be made payable to the individual or institution making the original payment(s) unless express written permission is received by that person or intuition.”

Now I never had my $500 deposit applied to my training account and it says in writing that it will. I am waiting to see how long it will take Pan Am to send my money back to Key. If they go over the 60 days, I will be pissed and may have to take action. The above is what is stated on my contract, and new contracts may or may not have the same clauses. So if any of you idiots from administration are reading, you had better stick to the contract and refund the student their money within the timeframe stated. If the money is not refunded within the 60 days stated, Pan Am will be breaking the contract and should have legal action taken upon them. After all, if a student breaks the contract, which happens all the time, Pan Am takes action by taking part of the student’s money.
They took a month and half over the alloted timeframe to refund my money and I was basically calling them every week and being very polite about it too. To tell the truth, after all of my dealings with the Pan Am I was just happy to get my money back, what was left of it anyway. I knew they would keep the thousands in their bank account as long as possible to draw interest off of it. Just keep on them and tell them you will have to persue legal action if you don't get your money back after their timeframe is expired -- because I guarantee, they will take longer then they say to get your money back. You can mark my words there.
I applied to Pan Am and decided not to go for various reasons like yourself (jetcareers was a huge influence). I did get the $500 credited back to my credit card about one week later. You have to tell your counselor and he sends you a request for the refund. I did not fill it out, I just sent the person an email for the request (can't remember the name). It was no hassle whatsoever. I was also told that the $500 is for the deductible on insurance so it is not really "applied" to your account but refunded upon completion of the program or when you leave.
They took EXACTLY 60 days to refund my money to Key Bank. I called after the 30 days I thought it would take, they told me it was none of my business what they did with my money and that I would get it at the end of 60 days like the contract states. When I inquired about the 30 days as stated in the contract, she said they never refund it within 30 days. We all know now that they just sit on it and collect as much as they can off it.......and then charge you a penalty for leaving.......THIEVES !!!!
I had applied to Pan Am and sent the deposit last December. I decided to switch to FSI and bailed from Pan Am about a week before I was to be enrolled (late January). I had to fax a written request to get my deposit back. The $500 was back in my pocket in about a week.
mav, 250blue, fldriver,

If you guys got your refund, where did you guys decide togo? and have you started yet? I was gonna go to ATA after i decided not to go to pan am, but i found ATP, and i think i will be atteding there come jan. letme know, and wherever you'alls chose, good luck.

Although I didn't do the Career program at ATP, I did get my Multi Private add on there. I did it at the Lakeland Florida facility which isn't much of a facility but everything went off without a hitch. I even got a discount on my training and the instructor there was great !!!!! If the market was'nt so bad and Pan Am didn't ruin me on the pilot mills and contracts, I would definately go to ATP.
I would like to mention that the other day I had received my $500 deposit back and Pan Am had sent the remaining amount of money back to Key that was in my account when I left. It only took them the full 60 days; it was 60 days exactly from the day I singed the papers to leave Pan Am to the day they deposited my money back to Key. What is funny is that they stated why it takes so long is that there are others ahead of me who are waiting to get their money back. Yeah, right! Like there is so many people leaving and the person who has to deal with the paperwork is so overwhelmed it just happen to take 60 days exactly to finish my paperwork. There are a lot of people leaving, but it shouldn’t take 60 days to complete the paperwork. Yes, I do know why it takes so long. I just wanted to inform those who are leaving that it will take the full 60 days stated in the contract to get your money back.
Yep...took EXACTLY 60 days for them to refund my money too...only I was told that it was none of my business what they did with my money when I asked why it took so long. So if there are soooo many people waiting for a refund, that must mean there are alot of people leaving and Pan Am would get their head out of their rectum and find out why sooo many people are leaving !!! It is now common knowledge that Pan Am sits on money that is not theirs to hold, just to collect interest and make even more money off of YOU !!! I tried to notify Key Bank about this but never got a response from them. Maybe more people should write Key Bank and notify them of Pan Am's bad business practices. Key Bank just might get a bad rap if they are affiliated with such low life as Pan Am.