Getting ready to teach todays recurrent class


This job would be easier without all the airplanes
In to work a little early today. Waiting for todays class to show up.

Decided to spend the time brushing up on the most important topics today... @Derg

Ha! :)

If you need the PowerPoint on proper aviation Internet forum etiquette, let me know and I will put it in Dropbox after my type ride today!
Don't complain, they'll move us all to a shiny new facility but it will be in Lebanon, KS and it will be all 22 centers combined.
Eh, for tactical and contingency reasons, I don't think that would ever happen, there was talk of combining Philly and New York TRACONs and ZNY, but Philly backed out. Any new facility for us will combine us and n.90 though. I'll probably be ready to retire by the time they do that.