Getting Ready for Two Week CFI/CFII/CFM


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Ok folks,
AllAtps is starting the Total CFI course in Atlanta March 3rd. I am scheduled for that date. So far so good, I have recieved their information packet. It came in a box 1ft by 1/2ft via UPS once I made the $500.00 deposit, and spoke to Jim (VP) on the phone for scheduling.

Their Information supplement consists of:
FAR/AIM book,
Faa published Instructor Flying Handbook,
Instrument Flying handbook,
Airplane Flying handbook,
ATP's Seminole supplement,
Pilot's Information Manual for Cessna 172
Piper Seminole Information Manual,
Blue folder full of endorcements and regulations,
Also in Blue Folder a questionare of more than a hundred questions referencing all the above books.
And 3 sets of AllAtps T-Shirts, stamped with an MD-11 on takeoff. (I wonder if Jim flies the MD-11 for FEDEX?)

This past week has been an intense time of book work. I have a full time job, from 0600-1500, come home, go to the gym, then study till midnight. Wife has being extremely supportive, and thats a blessing.

With all this studying, I need to declare that I have become twice more of a knowledgeble pilot than I was a week ago. Everything is covered in this books.

Side Note: Did you know the AIM even has a section to report UFO sightings? Check it out: AIM 7-6-4)

I really had a good expirience with their 10 day Multi course, and that expirience is the basis for my desicion to do all CFI tickets with them.

I opened this post, because when I come back from this course, I will let you all know in detail how it went for me over there.

It was for a while that I was just a curious viewer in this posts, not knowing which route to take. FBO? Academy? 90 day route ATP? Moving to Florida?
But thanks to several guys from this Forums, I could make a wise desicion. (Also thanks to my wife who came in with the calculator to check on the costs of everything.)

To you guys, and gals trying to make it up to the ladder of your dreams in the sky like me, to you I wil write this post when I come back.
(Getting inspired now? nehhh)

Ok enough,
A joke from a fellow CFI:
"Cessna 454 Foxtrot extend downwind leg, spacing for a learjet on final"
Student: "uuuhh
what did he say? (asking the instrcutor on board)
Instructor: "tower wants you to open your door, and stick out your leg pointing downwind so the learjet pilot can tell which way is the runway" LOL What a pathetic joke!!!!!
I'm looking to ATP for the same package that you're currently engaged in.

I would really appreciate any and all things you have to say about this program!

Keep the info coming, I'm considering doing the exact same thing you are. Multi then get all the instructor ratings at once.
Glad to see your post. It couldn't have come at a better time. Just finishing up the commercial SE this month, then plan on taking the multi (maybe even the ASAP program) at ATP. Then soon after taking the CFI program to catch up. I figure you'll be getting home within the next few days, looking forward to hearing how it went!

Happy Flying!
Staring at the Seminole POH and supplement myself... At what point do you stop studying? I feel like I can write their book from memory.

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Hey, I am glad to hear that you are having a good experience. I need to voice my hesitency so maybe someone can try to change my mind. I have my PPL and Instrument rating when my school closed. Now I am 12 hours into my Comm/Multi. How knowlegeable do you come out of a program after just a few weeks. Personally, if I had an instructor who got all of his tickets in as little time as we are talking about, I dont think I would feel too reassured!? Comments?
I'm kind of curious about that as well.

I'm not bashing ATP by any means (I have heard a lot of positive comments about the school) but I spent around 5 months working full time at FSI to get these same ratings. How does that get condensed down to two weeks?

Once again not to criticize just wondering how the program breaks down......
Man, that Seminole supplement is a godsend. Whoever wrote it up deserves a freakin' medal. Don't ever fly without it; I guarantee it will come in handy. I used it the other day when I needed a reminder on the proper sequence for starting/stopping the cabin heater without triggering the "HEATER OVER TEMP" light, which is a pain in the neck because you have to take off the nose cone to hit the reset switch to have heat again. Not easy to do at 10,000 ft. and -5C.

I hear a lot of folks voicing (understandable) concerns about the speed of the courses and is the quality of instruction up to par and is it just a checkride prep and how can you learn every thing you need to cause it took me x number of weeks to do it and ATP does it in X/3. Valid arguments, all.

I'm just an ATP customer/student. I have to say though, that every ATP instructor Iv'e met from Dallas TX to Trenton NJ is at exactly the same level of professionalism and knowledge, and that level is considerable and confidence inspiring. The pace is blinding, and you would be foolish to attempt it with anything else on your plate, like another job, college, family, social life etc. If you can hang with a few LAAATE nights, long flights, and having your nose in a book or PTS for days on end, you will have a positive experience with ATP. If you go in expecting to be spoon-fed, you're in for a dissapointment. The programs can separate the cats from the kittens with laser-like precision, and I have to point out that most graduates/students wind up sounding like ATP commercials before too long--- just like me
Reply to JJPILOT,

Think about it this way.
I fly almost every day and I flew coast to coast in a light twin.
140 in 90 days is alot and gives you a good experience.
My confidense in flying rocketed after I finished the coast to coast run which was about 8 hours of flying per day, and then the citation ride which didnt worsen it up.
My point is, the way you will be taught to instruct here is no way close to what it will be in a regular fbo.
On the CFI ground we covered everything from systems, airspace, a/c inspections, medicals. Oh and regarding systems, you will know this a/c inside out whether you like it or not.
Take care, and good luck.
I already wrote my expirience on another thread. Thanks for all you comments, check out my expirience on "Completed CFI/CFII/MEI in Atlanta"

You do not need to be so preapred for it regarding bookwork, cause all they sent you is what you will learn, and they will teach it to you, and you'll have lots of time to study, believe me. Discipline and Determination will get you through. The only thing I do recommend is a good awareness and proficiency on Private/Commercial maneuvers and Instrument approaches. Forget NDB's for Allatps, their Seminoles don't have them... they have Garmin 430!! Man Em I spoiled now or what with those Garmins?