Geo Pref picks (Pubnat2)


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En-route or Terminal

California or Arizona.

requested ZLA in the note section and keeping my fingers crossed.:hiya:


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I know but this one is more for the ones that got their emails today

I have a question concerning this.

I am already involved with another application and have received my TOL and medical exam, paperwork, drug screen, etc.

No FOL yet.

Should I respond to this new email that I received today or just forget it?


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Always respond just in case.
Id say once you have a TOL it's no longer necessary to submit requests... but that's just my guess. Call them up and ask- but it seems a little redundant to me. Plus, you may take a spot from someone else on the referral list unnecessarily.


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I think that if you already have a TOL then the only thing stopping you from getting a FOL would be a problem with background, medical, etc. If that is the case, it wouldn't do any good to apply for the PUBNAT2.


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Swinte...have a little faith. I doubt many folks are listing Arkansas on their preference lists. I do think Oklahoma will just about be overflowing though. Including myself, I know of 5 folks going to OKC alone from the 2007 and Feb 2008 panels. I know of one each going to TUL and RVS (Tulsa-Riverside). I would think your chances of Arkansas are pretty good though, and if they continue the trend from the Februrary announcement...they really did an overall great job of placing folks close to their homes.


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Oh my god, people are still replying in this crappy thread and bumping it to the top. Now I'm doing it too, dangit.

Close this thread. Close it, close it, close it. Use one of the other three.


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Plus, you may take a spot from someone else on the referral list unnecessarily.
My thought as well. It would really, really suck for someone to get bumped because someone who already had an offer letter got put on an another referral list.