Garmin Pilot III Owners?


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I am looking around for a G3 portable GPS. I was wondering where i could get the best deal$$. Also i heard of different types of kits or packages, like deluxe, etc.... What is the difference. I just want a G3 to use in an airplane.Finally, any pros and cons?
I have a Garmin 196 and love it, but it is a little pricey...

I would suggest looking around eBay for a good deal. If not you can always just go to Sportys or Marv Golden and pick one up...

Good Luck!
I was able to find the Garmin 196's on e-bay for $700....a lot less than the $995 retail...

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As a general rule, you can almost always find things cheaper on eBay than in the stores. I'm just a tad skeptical about buying high priced items from eBay. You have to put a lot of trust into the seller, and I have been burned before... Not a good thing!