GA takes another knock here in MSP


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The news coverage here on this crash was terrible. The only thing they could do was knock GA. The reporter that I saw on the #11 says, and motions with his hands.... the two planes crashed head and shows his hands motioning that both planes are climbing. He then goes on and says there was no control tower at the local airport but "I am not sure if that had anything to do with it". If you are not sure then don't report it. He should have checked with the stations weatherman becuase he is a pilot. As for the no control tower, what gives..... The reason for the CTAF is so that everyone in the area is well aware of the traffic. I just hope that we all use it. I will update the thread as more info comes from the news.


J.T. How about if I changed my name to flew4free
J.T. How about if I changed my name to flew4free?

[/ QUOTE ]

LOL yeah I like that, or how about:


I'm sorry I seem to be jumping on you, but I well remember the hair blasting speech I received from Sandy Rozelle back in 1988 when I offered to fly along in his Diamond jet for free. Remember the Maxell commercial with the guy in front of the speakers? I had ears pinned back several times for saying that phrase. I asked Paul Allen if I could ride with him in several corporate aircraft he flew for owners, and he jumped on me - "Did you get your ratings for nothing? Don't you EVER fly for free! You paid for your ratings now you should get paid to fly!!!"

I've always stuck to that. If the seat is required or generating income, then we should be paid. That's what being a commercial pilot is all about right?

So anyway, this speech is here to save all you guys needing hours some embarassment and hair blasting speeches in person

Please feel free to learn from my mistakes!