Funny and Sad


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"Ah, there's nothing more exciting than science. You get all the fun of sitting, being quiet, writing down numbers, paying attention. Science has it all."

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Too funny. I think Lindy might be a might miffed but I'm sure he wouldn't mind.


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What a bunch of maroons! Sounds like the jokers who insist that the depleted uranium used in the first Gulf War is responsible for all the health problems that Iraqi citizens suffer from. Like malnutrition, drinking polluted water, and so on didn't do that.


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It's just amazing to see how stupid people can be...They prefer to dedicate their lives to proving its a conspiracy, if they put just 5 minutes of research into contrails they would understand. I also like how they blame every ailment on government spraying, everything from Fido's hickups to cancer.

I like this persons post:

Here in Miami, I saw The first Chemtrail since The day before Christmas Eve. I guess they must celebrate Christmas and New Years! It was at 11:30 this big long one in a perfectly clear blue sky. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me. As I watched it, another big plane came through it, made a little cut in The chemtrail. Interesting to note that this second plane also was a jet...looked bigger than The usual ones that I see laying chemtrails, and it did not leave a contrail, chemtrail, nada, nothing, except a tiny cut in The very noticeable and wide trail already up there. Either it was a regular commercial or military jet, which would demonstrate that this is not "real contrail" making weather, because this one left no contrail. Or... he forgot to turn on his spray and consequently did not make a big X......Such a thing as an "invisible chemtrail"? hmmmm.. Maybe he's from Dover Air Force Base, and is sick with The anthrax vaccine and just doesn't feel like working, can't focus, has a scratchy throat, blurry vision, gummy eyes, headaches, aches and pains, sore muscles, rashes, and all The other symptoms we experience after a good spraying or a good anthrax vaccine inoculation... or some sort of innocuous inoculation. Time for more colloidal silver and acupuncture. That'll fix me right up.


I'm temped to post something on that forum but it's of no use.


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OH Lord. Don't get me started "chemtrails". I have (had) a friend who lives in Orlando and her and her husband COMPLETELY believe in "chemtrails".

WHY? Because they watched some television talk-show or some news report and some guy passing himself off as a "doctor" (Phd? MD? who knows? ) was spouting off about how the government sprays Orlando with "the flu" and other ailments every year.... coincidentally - DURING FLU SEASON!!!

I argued and argued and TRIED to educate her on the science of CONtrails and how the lapse rate works and that Orlando is centrally located and flights to TPA, MIA, JAX, etc. pass over EVERY DAY and EVERY HOUR......


Her: "Dude - I'm tellin' ya - CHEMTRAILS are REAL!!"

Me (thinking)"rrriiiiiight. So, how's Big Foot?"

She actually got so pissed that I argued with FACTS (provided links, etc.) that I haven't heard from her since.