Funk or Taylorcraft


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I was just looking at aircraft for sale in the area and noticed that there is a Taylorcraft BC12 for $17500, and a Funk B-85-C for $18500.



I personally like the Funk. What would you pick?
I would pick the Funk. No offense to the T-craft, they are awesome - but a Funk is more rare. Check out He just loaded a pirep on a Funk in December and you can compare that to the pirep on the T-craft.
I second the Funk. It looks nicer and has a lower time engine.

Plus....It's a funk!
When I saw the title of your thread, I imediately cast my vote for the Taylorcraft. But, after seeing the descriptions of both, I think the Funk is the better deal. The T-Craft looks rather tired.
I actually think the T-craft may be a better flying airplane. I made my comment based upon the relative rarity of a Funk in general, as well as the minimal price differential and the actual conditions of the two airplanes.

As it says in the article, people can now say "hmm, that guy is always in a Funk", or if you paint it blue, "That guy is always in a blue Funk".
Back before WW ll, my Dad had a funk with an inverted - converted- model B Ford engine.

That Ford engine was pretty neat in the Funk, and there are still a couple flying like that. Model A motors were also used my some airplanes too - although no certified airplanes that I know of.
Think about the availability of parts, T-Crate part are hard, Funk Parts probably harder.

That was going to be my point. At least people have landing gear jigs and what not so you can rebuild key parts for tcarts. Plus the wings look a whole lot shorter on the funk, so it may not preform as well. But I've never even seen a Funk fly, so I don't know much about them. Also looks like it has bad over-the-nose vis. But I believe that tcart only has one wing tank, you definitely want two.