Fun with buffoonery....


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Was on a mission tonight returning from a target area headed for my fragged refuel time with the tanker. Was monitoring the control agency as I headed to the tanker track, #2 behind a pair of Strike Eagles also headed to the same tanker. I was offered a steer to the tanker by the control agency, which I appreciated being in a non-radar equipped aircraft. The agency then offered a steer to the Strikes well ahead of me, which they declined with the "we're radar contact, judy direct", implying that they had the tanker on their onboard systems and were taking over the intercept on their own, no further assistance from the control agency needed. The control agency then advises that they're going off the air for the next 5 minutes, clearing the Strikes to the complete the intercept. As I'm still motoring in 143 miles from the tanker, I hear the Strikes inform in the blind that they're within 10 miles and will shortly be rejoined, and could you call up the tanker and "have them slow to AR speed now"
. The radar control comes back up and informs the Eagles that they're setting off the TCAS of the C-17 transport that they're forming up upon, and the transport crew (on a different freq) were making calls to the effect of "we've got fast moving traffic closing on us on TCAS....what is it?" The Strikes were further informed that they're tanker was actually 70 degrees off and 37 miles away.

I found that entertiaining.
Ha !!!

imagine what the F-15 crew would say if they got really close

" Where is the Re-fueling Boom on this darn tanker??????? "