Fun toy helicopter


These things are great, we've had a couple. $20 on Amazon, it's the Syma S107 3-channel. They're well built and fly surprisingly good. Highly recommended as a simple gift or just for goofing around at the office.



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I had two (broke 'em both) for quite a few months after Christmas. They're seriously more fun than one would expect.


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They were pretty hot last Christmas - I'm going to pick one up as I've destroyed the last of my first-gen Micro-choppers.

They are wonderful for annoying cats. :)


4 out of 5 great lakes prefer Michigan.
That's all I used mine for, that and trying to land it on the ceiling fan blades...that takes talent. It's pretty challenging once you establish a hover over the blades and they start a slow rotation. With my 2 we'd play a dogfight game where you'd win by getting above the other guy and your rotorwash would force the other heli down.