Fun Forum Suggestion Idea


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Perhaps a sub-forum under the Lavatory..

Years ago, I killed time by writing on BBS message boards. One of the more amusing things we talked about on them was the "User-Defined Story"

The user-defined story started with one post, usually the 'moderator'/'SysOp' of the story. The story leader would define some very minimal basic parameters for the story, to include rules for civility, story continuity, and length.

The length of the story was usually about 100 posts.

After the story ended, the lead writer would post a re-cap post complete with awards, "quotable quotes", etc.

I originally wrote with a group called "The Story From Hell". After the pre-planned 10 (okay, 11, we wrote 9 1/2, too) run, we had a sequel story called "Tales From The Apocolypse".

It was nonsensical, fictional, loaded with pop-culture reference and Monty Python jokes. Science fiction, fantasy, and total lunacy prevailed.

In short, it was a fun thing.

I think it'd be a fun thing to try.

... an' I'd be willing to moderate/lead it.