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This is from one of the local newspapers here in SLC.

Lowered Expectations
If jet airliners flew lower, their engines would emit more carbon dioxide, but researchers at London's Imperial College suggested that the overall effect would be to reduce the impact on global warming. Their findings indicated that if aircraft reduced their altitude from about 33,000 feet to between 24,000 feet and 31,000 feet, they would stop producing contrails, comprising water vapor and ice, that form in an aircraft's wake. Persisting for several hours, contrails trap heat in the atmosphere. An earlier study of the effect on climate by the three-day grounding of aircraft following Sept. 11, 2001, concluded that contrails add more than one degree Celsius to the atmospheric temperature.

This is another article from the same newspaper which caught my interest. I asked about this before (here) which, as I found out, was a very large and apparently very successful scam.

Expecting to receive $4.5 million promised her in a fax from the Ministry of Mining in South Africa for her help in transferring money to America, bookkeeper Ann Marie Poet, 61, paid $2.1 million in fees requested by the perpetrators of the so-called Nigerian Fraud. Since she didn’t have any money of her own, the FBI said, she embezzled what she needed from the small law firm in Berkely, Mich., where she worked, wiping out the company. “She took all of our money, all of our money.” Jules Olsman of Olsman Mueller & James said.

Although an FBI investigator handling the Poet case said it was “unbelievable that she fell for this,” law enforcement agencies have estimated that victims of the widespread con are losing $100 million a year as a result of it. The average victim, motivated by greed, hands over $342,000 to the scammers to keep the bogus money-transfer scheme in play.