Full motion simulator use?


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Hey guys,

I've kind of looked around for some information on this but haven't found any (Edit: Okay I found some in Europe, but none in the US). Is there a place to go for us non student pilots/pilots to go and have use of the full motion simulators used to train airline pilots?

Other than reading story's of some folks getting tours and 20 or 30 minutes in one, I haven't read of any place you might be able to go
and pay for some time use? For fun? Like a family/group/school

Any idea's/suggestions?



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You can probably call any of the major sim schools... flight saftety simulflite, etc. They will ask for your passport or birth certificate because of the TSA requirements.


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I went to Alteon and had a couple of hours between a Level C and D simulator. Of course at the time I was going to Miami Dade to become an Air Traffic Controller. After that day I decided to become a pilot.


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What about 9/11?

You think that means you cant find them? Try Flightsafety or Simuflight. Or try calling up Alteon in in Seattle or in Miami. I'm sure you can fly a full motion sim, it wont be cheap, but it's totally worth it!

...Says the guy who's flown sims a dozen times...