fufthansa cfi hotline?


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Last month I saw an ad in a magazine that said the Lufthansa training center in goodyear was hiring, it also gave a number and website. If you are familiar with the info can you post it for me plese. thanks.
I heard they do hire but have a high washout rate because they are very strict in their standards.
It looks like they only have a fleet of Bonanzas and Grob G120s at Goodyear, so no multi training. They also require 200 hours of instrument time but only 500 PIC. That seems like a ton of instrument time for only requiring 500 PIC.
Spell check would be great!!! They currently are not doing anymore hiring. They expect to cut down some of their staff at the end of the year. Again no multi-time either. Its all done in Germany. By the end the year you can expect very little IFR training with the new MPL license. Good pay and good benefits.

(Former employee there)