Fuel Dump Question


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Do any of you check the fuel dump system in flight during a maintenance check flight? Is there certain areas where you do it or altitudes? I know what the AIM states (not a whole lot). The Navy's guidance was a minimum altitude of 6000 if able and to notify ATC. Thanks.


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We "fuel dump" in the CRJ quite frequently. Except it's called something different... "Normal cruise flight at 9,000 feet," for example from South Bend, IN to O'Hare.


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Word, there's no fuel dump system in the ERJ. If we land overweight due to an emergency, then we land overweight.


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Our maint. guys never checked the fuel dump system in flight - it was an internal restriction, not an aircraft restriction. I will say that the fuel dump system on this type (Challenger) only dumped from the center tank which was only about 6,000 pounds out of the 20,000 pound total so it wasn't really considered an essential system like it would be on some of the bigger airplanes.


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The 767 will dump at all altitudes including the ground. I don't think they are ever checked in flight. Very rarely are there ever mx flights, only when a fix requires it.