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Thanks to all who answer questions in this forum. I went to FSI yesterday for the tour and was very impressed. No pressure from marketing and the "product" sells itself. I plan to attend beginning in August but have a few questions. Any help from current FSI students or others would be great:

(1) I have a PPL with 100 hours: Should I train Part 61 or Part 141? What are the differences at FSI?

(2) Why is there so much solo time building (55 hours)in the single-engine Piper for new and current PPL students?

(3) Is it easy to get hired by FSI as a CFI upon completion of the program?

(4) Do you actually get to fly in the new Seminoles or mostly in the old ones?

Thanks again for your responses!
Hey there, I'm in the CFI program now and have did my private here also so I guess you could say I know the ropes...Ok to answer your questions,

1) Flight Safety primarily operates under part 141, so with your 100 hours you'd be entering and flying in Step II (Single Piper), maybe do a flight or two and then enter in Step III (Multi Rating in the Seminole). Do it part 141.

2)There is so much time building in the Cherokee (Step II) because eventually to get a commercial license you need a minimum number of hours. And trust me, you don't want to spend your time paying in a seminole to build hours.

3)The million dollar question..."Is it easy to get hired?" I'll tell you what, it used to be easy to get hired, now it's a different story. Honestly it's not clear in my eyes what they're looking for. I can tell you one thing, it's those who do the best in the interview process, not necesarily the best pilot/instructor. *(However those who get hired think they're the best hehehe...)

4) Do the new seminoles get flown? NO, they're out there as decoration!! pardon the sarcasm...Yes, you'll do all of your instrument training (Step 4) in the new seminole with the Garmin set up...You do your multi engine rating in an old seminole because it's more physically demanding on the aircraft ie short field landings, engine cuts...

Good choice on FSI, I think you'll be pleased with the academy. See you in August!
Thanks for your replies. In response to Barranman (hope I spelled that right): Why do say definately 141 as oppossed to Part 61? Also, what does this presentation for potential CFIs involve? Thanks again for the help!
Why do part 141 at Flight Safety? Simply put it's a part 141 school. Almost all of the curriculum that I've seen is based on a part 141 sylabus etc. Also for example if I had done the program under part 61 I would have needed 250 hours Total to get my commercial certificate, under THEIR part 141 sylabus one can get a commercial certificate with 190 hours...(I stress "their" because each part 141 school operates distinctly). To be hired as a CFI among a few other things you must present a lesson to the top brass, 15 minutes about turns around a point, lazy eights etc...Then they ask some questions, you know ahead what the topic is so if you screw it up it's your own fault.
8 months? WOAH! What's goin' on down there? Spill the PM beans! Or, just PM it on...

I don't think it's any secret or it shouldn't be any suprise to you Chunk that there's a big wait right now from the time your finish your CFI and the time you actually start to work here. This is because right now there are MANY instructors at the academy with fewer students enrolling. This change occured right after September 11. So what has happened is that a high volume of CFI's were made (pre 9/11 volume) and less need for them (post 9/11 student enrollment). This alone would just mean fewer students per instructor however keep in mind that the instructors that are already there are in no rush to go anywhere. Ok, the airlines aren't hiring....They're still flying tons of hours with benefits etc. The loosers are those of us who were their students and are looking to do the same thing that they've done.
I knew there was a good little wait, but 8 MONTHS? How are you staying current? How are you paying the friggin' rent?!?!? Are you hired but waiting(unpaid) for stan for those 8 months or just waiting to hope to get a shot at an interview?

Oh and another one...Is anyone moving up and out? ASA is supposed to be hiring 22-30 this month (according to Air Inc.)...how many FSI dudes?

During the wait you are hired and waiting for a standardization class (unless you are here on a VISA). How do you pay the rent? You work somewhere, flipping burgers, greeting at WalMart, alot work at Outback restaurant although it seems that many here are independently weathly...As far as ASA taking people out of here I don't know...The ASA program has been moth-balled so maybe in that class you mentioned there are some graduates of that program but they've been lone gone for a while. How do you stay current? I guess people go and rent planes or do time in a Frasca for IFR currency. In closing it's not ideal but it's managable.
From what I have heard the ASA program is not up to full speed. The Saab sim hasn't been used so they are letting the instructors who have met the hours for their contract get some time in the sim for free. That tells you how dead the sim is. ASA is interviewing but I don't know of too many students getting one through our program, however, I could be wrong. Good Luck.
I can tell you that there's nothing going on with the ASA program, there are no students in it right now period. Like I said, only those who have already been through the program have a shot at getting in an ASA job. I know of one instructor who did the program and started with them around the beginning of the year.
1. There is not a lot of difference at FSI. The main difference that I can see is that the FAR 61 course is more flexible if you already have flight time. Additionally FAR 61 requires an FAA check ride.

2. To build the PIC XC time needed for commercial and instrument. Try building this time on your own before enrolling.

3. It depends on the need. They are currently hiring but there is a backlog of instructors.

4. The private multi license (Step 3) is in old seminoles. Steps 4 and 5 are in the new ones (IFR and Commercial).