FSI internship program


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Of all you cats out there sitting on your waiting list. What are you all thinking about the internship? I a current resident on the waiting list would be all for it if I didnt have a fiancee, two dogs, and a car that probably cant make it to Orlando or even Fort Pierce for that matter.

What is the deal? It seems like a good deal. Does anyone have plans to do it next go around?
Seems like a great opportunity. I'm still getting the CFI ball rolling and didn't want to toss away my last several months of hard work, but I will re-evaluate at the next go around.

Keep in mind the Gulfstream thing is NOT the norm. No more free type ratings will be given out and NetJets isn't lining up to scoop up all of the interns after thay have finished their 3 months.

That said, do I still think it's a good opportunity, sure. Any "jet" time is much better than tooling around in a 152 constantly repeating "now watch your altitude" but be realistic about it.
Actually, that wasn't was I was referring to. Although a friend of mine was one of the ones that got a type/NJ internship.
I also was not referring to the Gulfstresm type ratings...but it certainly boosted their career as well...