FSI and the aftermath


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What's happening at FSI? Their webpage shows no changes at all...Is the ASA program still running? Will it continue? I am really curious to see the how the self-pay students are relating to the foreign (Arab) students (particularly in the Saudi Air program)....

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PS--I am currently camped out at a small Naval Facility in Japan slinging a rifle, playing Marine
....shoulda never have signed up for the Auxiliary Security Force! I need to get back into the SkyPig and smoke some bad guys
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I called them up and it sounds like they don't really know what will happen with the airlines, so they aren't really addressing the what ifs. They said the program is still up and running, but that ASA has the right to stop offering the Conditional Offers of Employment if they choose. I also found out that Exec Jet was the other company that was just about to sign up before all this happened. Bin and friends need to be the first to try out the new Afghan thrill ride "glass lake"...one time admission/one time ride.
Found out today all ASA interviews are postponed for now and not to be started again for awhile. Capt. Ellis said delta will review the situation in december at the earliest. Current people in the program will continue, then go into the waiting pool. The possibilty that Executive Jet will start a program still looks good for now but who knows when or what it will consist of.
Is there any backlash on campus? How is the relationship between the Saudi's and the rest of the students?

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There is no backlash at school. FSI has a diverse population, but we all get along. I think you have to realize that there are evil people from every race out there and remember that you can't judge a book by its cover.
Well, stop loss in enacted so I'm wondering how long that will be a factor for me. I'm still planning on putting my papers in next month to meet the 6 month prior we have in the Air Force. If FS doesn't have any airlines in an ASA type program, I'll just go get my CFI and join a guard/reserve unit. Interesting times.