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Hello all at FSI,
Its been a while since I have posted here but I am a frequent visitor. I finished my CIME back in January at FSI and was planning to do the ASA program but unfortunatly it was dropped. My Marine reserve unit was also activated in January so I at least had things to do. I got a call a while back from Jay Elder that ASA is back...and that interviews were going to start up. So whats the news down there? Everytime I call I am told they will start really soon and they are just waiting on a few finishing touches from ASA. If there is anyone there on the inside that may have some gouge I would love to hear it. Also for anyone new to FSI welcome, you could not have made a better choice. Well, I wish everyone the best of luck at FSI and look forward in hearing any news from anyone. Semper Fi, and fly safe.

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Wish I could enlighten you, gyrene, but the story's gone cold, so to speak. Haven't heard anything lately....call marketing or Jay Elder. Let us all in on the news if you hear anything!

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On Monday I will be in contact with Jay and I will see what kind of intel I can pull. How is the CFI program going over there? Are they still overloaded with instructors? Back when I was there, there was a pretty big pool. In any case, depending on how things go I may be back...hopefully for ASA but if need be to get my CFI. Semper Fi, check six, and fly safe.

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Hey everyone,
As promised I am writing to tell you what new things I have learned. Looks like the interview will be on October 15 although nothing is set in stone. Also the rumor is only 10 people are interviewing so that should be good. There is a good chance that all 10 will be taken (if we all make the cut). As I learn more I will post more and if anyone has any questions to me dont hesitate to ask. Take care everyone...fly safe.


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