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Finished my Step V last March and was wondering about going back to get my CFI now that I have saved up some money from working between then and now.

Just wondering what the waiting list time and number on the waiting list for CFI. Also, number of students at FSA and current student ratio is. How much hours per month CFIs getting at FSA? Any info/status on the ASA program???


I have a question...I have my Commercial multi instrument, and looking into going to FSA. I was wondering if I could do the ASA direct track right off the street with what ratings I have now. If that is impossible, would it then be possible to get my CFI/CFII/MEI and instruct with FSA for a while then do the ASA program? Thanks in advance.

Well, my information is old since I haven't been there since last spring. Here is the only info I know about the ASA fast track program as of last March. Currently the ASA direct track is on hold. All you need is comm/instr/multi to qualify for the program. However, talking with Jay Elder, the manager of ASA direct track program, he said that flight safety graduates have first priority into the program, then people from the outside. So, as long as flight safety graduates apply, you may never get in until ASA program picks up. Last time I heard, about 50+ flightsafety people on list as of last March. They are going to interview 10 people on that list per month and pick how many they want. Could be 1, could be 10, most likely 4 to 6 was the average last fall/winter when it was running. Then 4 people, who complete the ASA fast track program, are selected per ASA training class. Don't remember if one or two classes per month at ASA. Hopefully someone from FSA can update us on anything new.

As for getting your CFI ratings at FSA, I don't know if they will hire you over the people who went thru Step I thru V at FSA and got their CFI ratings also at FSA. Please correct me if I am wrong. That was my impression that I got from talking to the CFIs there but I truly do not know for certain.

Of course all of this will go out the window if we have the hiring craziness that happened in 99 to 01. They hired CFIs from other schools and people went to the ASA direct track from other schools.

If no one responds to your post with any new info, I would talk with Jay Elder concerning ASA direct track program and Alan Haaland (chief flight instructor) concerning if FSA hires if only CFI program. Check website for phone numbers. Remember, about a year or more waiting list for those who complete the CFI program and interview before being hired by FSA.

Could someone at FSA walk by the board to the secretary to Dick Svoovgard and see the current number of students at FSA? Thanks.
As long as you do the CFI program at FSI, you are eligible to interview and get hired. I did all of my ratings there from Instrument to CFII, and they rejected me but there were a couple of people in my interview group that got hired and had only done their CFI's there.
Thanks everyone that responded, I am going to ask all those questions when i go take the tour in Jan.