FSA ASA Programs


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I'm a little confused as to whether the FSA Fast Track Program is a good idea. It seems like it is a bit more direct to the regionals. Can somebody explain to me how this program works? Do I apply for it just as I would apply for the regular flight training that FSA offers? I saw that you must be instrument rated. Is that something I can do when I go down to FSA, or do I need to have that done prior to applying? I graduate from Penn State in May and hope to begin my training very soon after. Please give me any advice you can! Thanks.

The normal sequence is to do the CIME first and then apply to ASA. You can call the marketing dept about how to apply.

I think it's a good thing, especially for older students who don't have time to spend building hours as a CFI. It will get you into the airline cockpit quickly, so that you can get a seniority number and start building turbine multi time.

The down side is the cost, as well as the fact that you are not guaranteed a job. If ASA decides to stop hiring, the training may not be worth anything to other employers.
So as far as cost, how much is everything with this program? Is it around 44,000 for the CIME, and then about $26,000 for the ASA Direct Track?
I think that's about right. I'd say around $50,000 to account for repeated lessons, weather delays, etc. From what I've heard I think $26K is the ASA tuition.