Frozen ATPL in States?


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After the CPL, is it possible to write the ATPL written exam before accumulation of the 1500hr flight time? In U.K, they have something called "Frozen ATPL" (CPL + ATPL written exam pass), some airline treat this as a very minimum entry requirement. Can I do this here in the States?
There is no longer a requirement for a specific number of hours to take the ATP written exam. Anyone can take it, and there are no instructor endorsements required.
plus you can take teh test if you are over 1200 hrs, ( some specific restrictions apply) and your Lic will read "Has not met the flight time requirement.. so on so on, then after you meet the 1500 hr time, you send in the proof and get a new copy with the restriction removed.
Eagle, are you now telling me I need to accumulate at least 1200hrs of flight time? Pcraig mention no flight hour restriction on the above post!?!?
No specific number of hours required to take the written exam. Eagle is talking about the actual checkride for the ATP rating itself.

(Thanks Eagle, I didn't know that)
No such thing as a Frozen ATPL in the US. You may take the written before you meet the applicable aeronautical experience requirements but upon meeting those requirements, you have to do a flight test in order to exercise ATP privileges.

The Frozen ATPL in the UK is named such because (at least in the days before JAA, not sure about now), the only hurdle you had to jump between CPL and ATPL was the written exams. Once you passed the written exams, there was nothing more you had to do other than meet the aeronautical experience requirements and send in the application.

In the US there is an ATP level flight test, the successful passing of which results in the immediate issuance of your ATP certificate.

By the way, the ATP level written test is NOTHING like you'll have to do in the JAA system. There is only one test and all subject matters are covered in that test, and the subject matter does not go anywhere near as deep as the JAA equivalent. There are no training prerequisites to taking the written test, just study as much as you want to, then go take the test.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask. I have a UK CPL and US ATP.