From one CFI-I to another


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Pushing hard to get my CFI-I within the month.
Any tips, or suggestions on what I should be doing/reading/studying/etc

Knowledge test should be done in 2 weeks, then I need to actually fly some IFR. With 15 primary students, hard to get my instrument skills up to par =(

I would recommend reading the FAA's Instrument Flying Handbook and the AIM. Review your EnRoute and Approach plates. Then do a search in the "Checkride" section for CFII checkrides, I know mine is in there.

Best of luck man. The II is feather in your cap.

Agreed.. plus:

The ASA Instrument Oral Exam Prep Guide is a good book. Review it and for each topic, just ask yourself... "how would I present this.. and what materials/books would I use to help me".

Most of my oral was about which materials and books I intended to use.

Good luck. While I felt really proud to become a CFI, something about becoming a CFI-I made me feel different, and better. Plus... its a lot more fun to teach

Get out an approach plate and come up with a way to teach it to someone, both the procedures, airspeeds, what to expect, etc. I found all the technical aspects of being a CFII easy, but actually teaching instrument flying difficult. I'd study the ASA oral exam guide, know the construction and theory of navaids and approaches, endorsements, and a bit about ATC since IFR requires more contact with them.