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How difficult is to fly a C172 from the right seat? what things should i look for to easy the transisition ?
Thans a lot jetman
I was rough the first few flights but now it feels just fine. Everything you need to know about it you already do... it just takes time getting used to it.
Just remember that the instruments won't look the same since you're looking at them at an angle - that'll take a little bit to get used to but it's no big deal. After a couple of flights it's easy.

the only thing that took me a little while to get ussed to was the lining up on the rwy. I just figured the centerline needed to be under my left thigh. it seems to work ok. Still use that today..
Tnx guys,few times riding right seat i taken the controls and it wasnt that bad,but like Eagle says lining up was a problem and i was landing with some drift,i kind of cure this by thinking of my days flying the Citabria with only one seat in the front and things got better but when i looked at the instruments
boy///// anyway if someone wants to share some tips on this topic i will be much appreciated

regards jetman