Forums were down...


Mama Bear....
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We want to apologize for the forums not being up for a bit tonight.. our hosting service had an immediate security update that they needed to do, which knocked the forums offline for a few hours.

That's why you couldn't get on!


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Thanks for letting us know what happened last night. I was worried there was an issue on my end. I really enjoy this site. Thanks for all the time you put into it.


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Yeah, kinda scary. "Error? Not logged in?? What am I gonna do all night!?!?!?!"



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John about had a heart attack...he messaged me and was like "can you get on JC?" and then i told him, no infact i couldn't and then he was bored for 2 hours until it started working again


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Yeah saw all kinds of SQL statements all over my screen. I thought I was seeing things!

[/ QUOTE ]

You were... you were seeing SQL statements.
Sorry I couldn't resist!


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It actually worked out good for me. Instead of spending my night on jetcareers, I actually got some studying done for my midterms!


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whew!!! I thought I did somthing wrong and was banned from the site forever, with all those error, not logged in messages!!

Good thing Silence of the Lambs was on TV when the site was down.

Thanks for the quick fix - it would have been awful to lose all this valuable info!!!


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They were updating some software on my server and kinda forgot to push a button I guess.

Just like using an FMS, "...there's always one more button.."