Foreign Instructors


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I'm curious as to why there are so many foreign instructors at larger Florida FBOs particularly. Every time I pull up a website, most of the CFIs are from Norway or Chile rather than Charlotte or San Fran. Not that this is a negative thing at all, but when there are tons of "native" CFIs looking for jobs, why does it seem that the FBOs are stocked with foreign instructors -- diversity of work-place and clientele or is it just that they are the ones most qualified for the job?

Because the "native" CFI's can work anywhere in the U.S. The foreigners probably would have trouble getting a work visa sponsored by anyone other than the school they trained at. On top of that, I don't think general aviation is exactly a huge business in Norway or Chile.
Exactly -- not in Norway nor Chile was my point, yet it is big business in Florida. Furthermore, most of these guys did not get their ratings at the schools they are now working for. Any other ideas?
Maybe because they can use their language skills to pull in foreign students? There are many people that come to the U.S. for some portion of their flight training due to the drastically reduced costs (atleast that is the case for many Europeans).
I'll admit that I am prejudice BUT, the best instructor I had in my three years of training in central Florida was Greek. I had several other foriegn instructors and they are all good people and instructors. They seem to take a greater personal interest in my outcome as a student. One of the best lessons I learned living in Orlando was to accept people, regardless of nationality, on a one by one basis. It worked for me.