Foreign Education?


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Hi all. PUBNAT8 was my first application, so I'm new. I've been reading around and you guys have a great resource here. :love:

My worry though is that my Canadian degree might disqualify me from even making it to the AT-SAT. I don't qualify based on work experience, so if my degree isn't accepted, I won't be. Has anyone here been accepted with a foreign degree? Or known of anyone who has?

It'd be such a relief if anyone knew of such happening.

Edit to add: I do have a transcript evaluation saying my degree is equivalent to an American degree, but I couldn't upload it on ASAP. I'm also an American citizen. I just transferred to a Canadian school for my final two years.

I graduated from a german school and I currently am waiting for a class date. I had to provide my HR rep with a cerified translated copy to ensure that my degree was the equivalent of the hiring requirement.

You should be good to go.
That is awesome to hear! Thank you both so much for responding. My transcript is already in English, but my evaluation is ready to go in case they ever ask for it. I'm glad I can be at least a little more optimistic now about getting to NYC for that test.