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I was interested in geting my BS in flight education, but I wonted to know if the program was worth the $40,228. If this is a good program would you please tell me a bit about it.

Thanks, I appreciate it
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I think it is a good program and I definitly think it is woth the money.

However if I were you I would consider "Aviation Managment" for all the reasons I mentioned in my post under the "College vs Accademy" thread on the General Topics board.

Questions? feel free.
Well it depends, when would your first semester at UND be. If you will be enroling this Jan. I would say wait untill you get here. If you have more time than that Starting training now might not be a bad idea.

Let me know your situation, and I will be able to give better advice.

I am going to be enlisting into the Air National Guard-Reserve's. Since you have to go to boot camp for 6 weeks I probably wont be able to enroll until fall of 2003 so Community College will probably be my alternative for a year. What type of flight school should I try to get into so my flight hours will transfer over to UND?
Fall of 2002 or 2003?

You can start in the program in the spring semester it dosent have to be fall.
Well, if you are not going to enrole until the fall of '03, starting your training before hand might not be a bad idea. I had my private cert. before I started here.

Starting now would give you a few advantages.

1. You can find out if flying is for you before you enrole at UND. (which I assume you would not do if you didn't want to fly)

2. It will make the learning curve a little less steep your first semester here.

3. I think that it is good to get some flying experience outside of UND

There is only one disadvantage I can think of: When you come here you will still have to take the private pilot ground school. You will also have take a abreviated version of the private flight course. This is done to ensure you have the required level of knowledge and skill to procede in the instrument and commercial course and be successfull. (our standards are significantly higher than many flight schools)

So starting before hand will not save you any money but it may help you in the long run. I would talk to student services, and get there advice also. They are very helpfull. Ask for Ken Polovitz. He is the head of the department, and a really nice guy.

Good Luck

Wait..... they are very picky about how you got the instruction. I'm transferring in with my private and I need to retake soem of teh flying even though I passed the checkride by the same FAA alredy with ease. It will save you money to wait. Just begin studying for the private jeppeson course. That will definately help.