For my fellow Buckeye fans!!!!


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Its not perfect, but Im darn proud of it. For what my patience level is, this was a huge project. Living in the middle of Hawkeye and Cyclone country, Im expecting someone to come by and heave it in the middle of the road even though I live out in the sticks......

And for those of you wondering, no Im not a bandwagoneer, I was born and raised not too far from Columbus and Im a Buckeye through and through....

Go Bronco's...and when we have no possibility of a post season, GO NIU HUSKIES!


John Herreshoff
Alright call me an idiot but what the hell is it?

To me it just looks like a cool photoshop design.

Anywho...GO BUCKS, I've got two good friends from high school that start for them. Makes my Saturday afternoons fun since they are usually televised even up here.
WOW! I feel like an idiot now, ought to delete that last post!!
Sorry outside, my mobo fried on Sunday and I just got my new one today. That carving took about 2 hours, and wasnt as complete as I had wished. For my first time trying it I guess it turned out okay, but hopefully next year will be better.

I will definitely cherish that picture because 24 hours after I originally carved it, the letters were starting to wilt pretty badly. No one has smashed it so far, maybe because they cant quite read it......