For Lack of a Flashlight, Therego I...

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Sounds like they were trying to land at night at a field with pilot controlled lighting. Problem being their aircraft had an electrical failure.

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Truth is, despite all our purposeful care, that eternity is not more than a long moment away for a million reasons we never expect. That bite of steak, not quite chewed after some fine wine and doesn’t make it quite past the epiglottis. A healthy bite of apple, not quite chewed and stuck. A lifetime of stress, or butter, and the arterial clog or stroke that drops-in unannounced. There’s the young or inattentive or drunk/stoned driver on your side of a blind curve. The fall from a ladder while gutters are cleaned. What was that show some years ago ... “A Thousand Ways to Die,” or something close?

There is irony in some death, the valiant (if often vain) effort by rescuers in field or facility to thwart the Grim Reaper and minimize his damage. We all will dance with the SOB one day. The goal is not paranoia which robs life of joy, but best practice and care for self, family and friend in those routine things we do daily.

Have you learned how to clear an airway? Do you (your spouse, age-appropriate children) know CPR? How to control serious bleeding? It generally costs nothing, or something minimal, to learn. Unless you are exceptionally lucky, you or someone you love will be dead before the professionals arrive to clear the airway, start CPR or control a serious bleed.

A flashlight ... a bite of food ... a wobbly stool ... be careful doing the things you know well and generally to which we give little thought.

Yep, been that kind of day
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I'm convinced that text messages are more often than not a horrible means of communication, no context or inflection. Why didn't he call the person he was texting?


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This many times over.
Had the radio stack flicker and go dark one night flying a xc with a student in a 172. Destination had pilot controlled lightning.
Vero Beach was at 9 o'clock and if "shut everything down and turn it on one by one" didn't work, the plan B was to call the tower at vero on the phone or call the buddy who lives in vero and tell him to get a hold of the tower and tell them we're coming.
Might have needed to do some paperwork, but that beats dying.
The guy from the news was a FO at our shop. Condolences to the family.