Follow up to my networking lesson


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I finally got to go flying with that guy my dad met in Ralph's ( Original Post ) today out of KSNA in a Piper Malibu. We taxied out to runway 19R held short and waited for a 737 to take-off, then we got in right before another 737. We took off IFR to Big Bear Airport (L37 I believe, please correct me if I am wrong.). We got vectored to Seal Beach (I want to say VOR but I could be wrong) then cancelled IFR once out of the clouds and went VFR at 11500 direct to Big Bear. Upon our decision to land we decided not to land in Big Bear and turned around (too cloudy and mountainous area). We asked for vectors to land back at KSNA and were told to fly to Paradise (this is what it was referred to, not sure if it was VOR or what) then flew directly in and taxied to parking. Overall an incredible experience for myself being that I haven't started training and have little experience with GA aircraft. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK!!!
Paradise (over in Riverside somewhere) and Seal Beach are both local VORs.

Pleased you had a good time -