FO with scratchy voice

One could only presume if it was not an illness, he must have been smoking marajuana, and/or other drugs. When going through security, I would jump up and down and be like HE IS ON DRUGS and was on *name a rival airline*. This was you saved your PR department a lot of hardwork, yet provided a safe flight, and the captain with the help he needed.

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I'm with Iain. This guy is hungover and can't admit it. Get the breathalizer up there and fire his ass. Some people's kids.
What if the FO is a she and just has a very rhaspy (sp?) voice? She'd be doing the radios all bid so I could listen to it!
Don't know how logical this would be but I would give him the benefit of the doubt and monitor him on the first leg. If necessary I would have a reserve pilot called in at the next destination and in the worse case scenario have him replaced there to prevent delay.