Flying Saturday!


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Hi Everyone --

This Saturday we are flying down to our place on Hilton Head through USAirways. The trip is:
BDL - CLT: 757
CLT - SAV: 733

Normally we fly from BOS and on Delta, but we thought we'd try something new.

The last time I flew was in August. And since then, I have made my decision to become an airline pilot. So flying this Saturday is going to be somewhat special for me! I'm going to try and get up to the cockpit after the flight is over and maybe chat with the pilots. I thought I'd share this, thanks for reading!
In my opinion SAV has one of the nicest airports for being a "small" airport. I fly out of there 99% of the time b/c it is actually pretty cheap.

Ahhhhh Hilton Head. I grew up on the poor side of the island...Beaufort. Hilton Head these days is so freaking big compared to when it used to be this nice little resort town. At leats do yourself a favor and go to Wild Wings if you haven't been already.
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I thought the last line was: If heaven ain't a lot like Dixie, I'd just as soon stay home.

This Saturday we are flying down to our place on Hilton Head through USAirways.

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There's a good possibility you'll end up on a United flight, due to their codeshare agreement. I booked US Airways a few months back round-trip from San Diego to Washington Dulles, and it was United all the way.
FlyMcDoofer - Savannah's airport is great. Our house is actually just off of Hilton Head. It's called Daufuskie Island, we are in the Haig Point area. HAve you heard of it?

RiddlePilot - Actually we booked through United. But it says it is operated by USAirways. So I'm assuming it is US?
Yeah I know Daufuskie and Haig Pt. There is a golf course there. Never actually been there though. I actually only make it to HHI about once a year for the Heritage and thats about it.
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Pat Green...good stuff.

He's coming to the Houston rodeo next month. I hope to be able to go see him.
They don't. Those are both US Airways flights. It always will be when going through CLT, unless you're flying to/from a United hub. Remember, US Airways has close to 500 flights a day at CLT, and United has less than 20.


We are driving to Hartford tonight and staying in the Holiday Inn Express/Hartford Airport Hotel. Because of this icy weather we are getting, we decided not to drive tomarrow morning. I'm excited!! Anyone know how close the Holiday Inn Express actually is to Bradley Intl?
I'm here at the hotel on the business computer center. It's really nice and we are 3.5 miles from the airport. It makes for some decent spotting! I hope to get the airport early tomarrow for some pictures.