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During these times of furloughs, I'm wondering if anyone has experience working flying jobs overseas (whether for an airline, bush, cargo, etc.)? Is this a viable route to build time? Is a JAA conversion required for most overseas operations? I'm sure there are comments toward maintenance, regulations, conditions?

A JAA licence is valid only in the E.U..

But flying in EU has a lot of drawbacks if u r a foreigner. Remember its not Equal oppurtunity provider like US.

As far as i heard there are oppurtunities in Australia. And the licence conversion is easier there. Why dont u visit some site about these.. Moreover Immigration is easier if you are a IT specialist.

You might be surprised to know that my country (India) is having a pilot shortage now (in the lower operators) and the government has decided to train some people from the Tribal communities FREE of cost!!!! While we Lords just look on silently
On some of the aviation job sites I have also seen ads for places like Qatar and Bahrain. I don't know what the requirements are.
I think you will find most overseas jobs that do not require substantial convertion will require a lot of time. If I remember right the company that sets up US pilots to fly in Asia require 5000TT. Also the EU has been mentioned but unfortunately hiring is not much better over here, and the convertion course takes a fair amount of time, and costs a bundle!

All of this being said without the mention of the problems and time involved getting Visas.

>>But flying in EU has a lot of drawbacks if u r a foreigner. Remember its not Equal oppurtunity provider like US.<<

I am not sure what part of the EU you are talking about however in the UK we are very good about EOE.

As this has been bought up does anyone know about the rule that gov. agencies (like the post office) has a policy of employing citizens before foriegners (as we labled). It does not particularly bother me that I am unable to gain employment at these agencies,it just seems a bit odd.

Well yes i meant UK.As far as i've researched any place of work in UK requires either a Work permit and almost evrywhere requires A permanent residency both of which are verry difficult to obtain. Its not a heard word. I had sent Application to BA and NATS (National Air Traffic Services) They required a W/p and they had no obligations in getting me one,.

Anyway correct me if im missing thing somewhere
Yeah you are missing a little point.

Equally opportunity employment is legistlation that states no employer can discriminate based on race, religion, disability, etc.

It does not imply that anyone from anywhere has the right to work in that country even if a job is offered to them. In order to get the right to live and work in that country you have to go through the INS (or equivilant) and meet various criteria. Once you have the right to live and work in that country then the EOE takes place, and you can not be discrimated against because your a foriegner.