Flying for U.S.P.S.?


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How would one go about looking for a job as a pilot for USPS (United States Postal Service). Would the pay be comparable to that of other major cargo carriers (UPS, Fed-Ex, DHL, etc.) Also, would one also get the same beni's as other government employees. Any other info on this subject would be great.
I don't think the United States Postal Service operates that many aircraft. Certainly not anything near the number of a FEDEX or UPS.....I think they just have a couple aircraft.

They use the airlines (ie Delta, American etc.) to transport my copy of Hustler to my doorstep
Actually, FedEx has the contract to move the mail, it is done on the day side of the operation.
The USPS fleet used to consist of subcontractors, none of which were jobs considered on par with UPS or Fredex. Then, the post office subcontracted with FEDEX to carry a lot of the mail and the subcontractor jobs went away. The pax airlines carry mail, too.
Actually, FedEx has the contract to move the mail, it is done on the day side of the operation.

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Sorta. FedEx has the LARGEST contract to move the mail. Delta and United have a decent chunk of it, too. SWA doesn't carry that much, but we only fly 737s. It's still enough that the USPS had us implement a tracking system. With the holidays coming up, I'm sure I'll be seeing tons of it....
Yeah, according to Southwest Airlines website they only moved 214,704,547 pounds of mail last year.
wasn't there a rule to stop the transport of mail on pax airlines? or did they just change it to no boxes or something like that?
People who work for the Post Office dont get the same benefits they did years ago. Now I think most of your retirement comes from sources like a 401K. Ever since the PO branched off from the US Government, retirement went down the crapper.
People who work for the Post Office dont get the same benefits they did years ago.

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And that's a good about lazy and complacent. It's because of those benefits and retirement that our postal workers are loosing business quickly to FEDEX & UPS. I know we have the best postal system in the world, but that's beginning to not mean much.....

FEDEX & UPS may never be able to compete with 25 cent sta...I mean 39 cent sta....I mean 34 cent....oh, whatever they're ripping us off for now, but that'll change in due time. Besides, who wants a mail system that operates in the red every year??

Gotta love it...
I have said for a while now that if UPS or FedEx offered an envelope rate under .50 I would use them instead of the USPS. The PO to me is unreliable and needs a major overhaul or something to return it to a profitable business. I dont think its the retirement and benefits that is killing the PO, I think its general wages. As far as I know (unless someone has more current information), a clerk working the counter makes right around $25/hr. Im not saying that is way too much pay, but it might be part of the problem.

At any rate, because they dont offer the same benfits that they used to, I wouldnt even consider working for them. From what I have heard they are having a hard time keeping good employees because they crack the whip way too much and expect an unreasonable amount of work out of a person. Maybe we have a current or former USPS employee from modern times that can give us more info.
Yes, and no. The Post Office is good for some things. I can drop a letter in the mail for 37 cents and it will go from an easy to reach suburb to the most remote place in Alaska or a hut down at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. That's something that FedEx and UPS can't do, because they have to make a profit on their deliveries.

For regular mail, the Post Office is good, but for packages and other things, UPS and FedEx are better.