Flying for the UN


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Has anyone flown for the UN with the Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) or the World Food Program (WFP)? From what I've found, they contract all their flying out, but does anyone know which operators they use? I know one is based in Africa, but not sure where or the company name. Appreciate any info, thanks!
don't know why i didn't think of them. i'm sure they do some flying for the UN. the company i was thinking of fly the 1900, but Air Serv is a great suggestion and a good place to start. thanks!
well they don't mention it in the fleet section of their website, but they have pictures of a 1900 in the photo section. their base of operations is just a little ways north of me, so might just ride up there and check it out.
Airserv and Skylink USA are two biggies. There are also a few in Europe that UN contracts from. WFP-HAS is entirely contracted out. None fleet is owned by the UN
Thanks for the info GUNIT. Been doing a lot of reading on Air Serv lately and looks like a great outfit. Anyone on the forum currently fly for them or have flown for them in the past?
Try pprune and ask there.

Just did, thanks! Pages and pages of info over there. Too bad a lot of it seems to be arguments between some jaded pilots. It's hard to make sense of it all - so many conflicting perspectives. Guess it's one of those deals where you have to just go see for yourself.