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I am 25 and tired of my Engineering job. It makes pretty good money but not very satisfying. I used to think I would never pick up the "becoming a pilot" bug again, but now I am seriously considering getting a loan and go on with the training in US. I know it is going to be easy but I know I would be happier than I am now. I am from Hong Kong , so working in US might be a problem because I will need a green card and the number of US pilots looking for a job with the major will be working against me.

I am thinking soon or later I would like to fly for an asian airline. I would like to know what kind of licenses and training will I need in order to apply for an asian major airline. Will I have to get a JAA license? Is anyone on this board is working for a asian airline, any inside scoop about this career path? Is it practical to train in US and Thanks a lot and hope you all have a nice day.

BTW, anyone from asia on this board?
You can be hired by an asian carrier with your FAA license, but you will need about 5000 hours before they will hire you. Also they are known to be tough carriers to fly for, I hear Jal does the 2 man crew deal from LAX to NRT, too long for me!
One thing i can say is that you are expected to be albe to speak the language of the country in which you plan to interview for. The fact you speak English is a plus but if you can't successfully 'pass' the interview in their language then your chances are slim. This is why I am learning French now.
If you are from Hong Kong you should look at two things; number one is Cathay Pacific's cadet program and the other would be going to Cathy Pacific as a Second Officer. Look at their website for information. As an Asian from Hong Kong I'm going to assume that you speak both Cantonese and Mandarin. There will be a ton of jobs in mainland China over the next decade. That puts you at a great advantage if you desire to enter the expat market. I would try and stick with Hong Kong though as Cathay Pacific and Dragonair are two of the best airlines in the world to work for. If you are unable to go the Cadet route to get into Cathay or Dragonair then the Cathay Second Officer requirements are surprisingly low.

There is a lot of growth in other Asian countries right now. It is possible to find some good jobs at a lot lower time requirement than in the States. Air Asia in Malaysia is one to look at.

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