Fly Corona Flight School


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I am looking into flight schools on the west coast and was looking for a few specific things. I have almost zero time and am looking for a flight school that will prepare me for commercial aviation. Specifically I am looking for as much multi-time as possible but also need to factor in price. I was looking heavily into ATP flight school (and I know that some people have very strong feelings about them) because they offered exactly what I am looking for (price is a little high, but the prospect of an instructor position with them after training is very tempting).

However, I recently stumbled upon Fly Corona flight school. They advertise almost 200 hrs multi time, 300 tt with all the ratings (Private-MEI) for the relatively low price of $50,000. For what you get, this seems almost too good to be true.

I was just wondering if anyone here has gone through their program and if so, how was your experience? Is the information above accurate? Advice?


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They are a small flight school that just recently got a twin. I like them a lot, but as far a what you are looking for I might go the ATP route.


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As the regionals have slowed their hiring, ATP has slowed new instructor hiring, so I would recommend caution in factoring that "guaranteed instructor job" into your decision.


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I might have to weigh in on this because I just finished training with ATP and also worked at Fly Corona back a few years ago. I will say that fly corona's program looks aaaaaaalot like ATP's but I dont think there are many other schools out there that have the standardization and consistency in cranking out MEI's like ATP does. With that said, Fly Corona is a dedicated group of instructors with a very honest and friendly owner. I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone in the area. I say talk to both schools and really ask the tough questions, then make a decision for yourself.