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Good afternoon everyone, i have a question for ERAU flight students, or with anyone with information. I currently finish my BAS degreed from ERAU worldwide campus, and looking for flight schools for the fall. I have my privates from a local FBO (141, aero-club) in Dayton, Ohio; I was looking at DCA in Sanford, looks great but somewhat pricy.

I am a Veteran and have the GI Bill, I call the Daytona Campus and was told I can come as a non- degreed student, and just do the flight training with taking ground school there. They told me that with the high number of flight student coming this fall there might not be enough of flight inst. degreed student take priority over non-deg.

Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated. IF ERAU do not work out, I have everything set up to start with DCA in the fall.