Flight Training


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I am thinking of transferring to Embry Riddle in Prescott for Aeronautical Science after 2 years in the San Jose State Aviation Operations Program. I have been talking to people and it sounds like it is better to have at least your PPL before you go. Does anybody suggest having more or waiting and getting my PPL at Embry? I also have heard that you can take the flying portion of the curriculum at any local flying school and it doesn't have to be done at Embry Riddle. Is this true?a Thanks

you can take your flight at another FBO IF you are not in Aero. Sci. If you are in AS then you HAVE to go to Riddle for the flight=mucho mucho mucho dinero! my recommendation is to go to Riddle with a different major and fly at school across the field.
ooooorrrrr.......you could take care of all your certifications before you get here and they should accept them.

When I arrived on campus, they asked us where we were in our training and then gave us academic credit for the flight portion up to where we were. However, everything after that must be completed here once you're enrolled.