Flight Training of Mobile CFI Job


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Hello everyone;

Long time reader of the forum, but more of a reader then a poster. I'd like to do my bit to pay things forward by letting people know that my current employer, Flight Training of Mobile is looking for CFI's. I'm the Assistant Chief and in the process of moving to other things, but I'd like to let forum members know about this opening. We fly both Civilians and a flight screening program for the U.S. Navy. There are several pros and cons to the position, so I'll list them here just to show the strengths and weaknesses of the job.

Great students with a high degree of motivation.
Fast single engine time building potential
Steady student flow.
Pay for Ground built into lessons
Decent pay if flying a heavy schedule, it is possible to make an ok living here.
High instructor proficiency as maneuvers constantly need demonstration.
Known Syllabus (Jepp Guided Flight Discovery Syllabus)
Relatively low cost of living
Pay is hourly W2, not salary or 1099
Gulf Coast beaches close to Navy program training field

No Multi Engine time, school no longer has a twin.
Fast timeline,15 days (incl. wx days from zero to solo in 11 flights and 14.0 hrs.)
Few networking opportunities (Navy Program located in 5R4 Foley, a small field.)
No Cross Country or night time, Navy flights are day VFR only.
No credit for signoffs, as Navy program completed at solo.
High burnout potential. (Same 11 flights over again and again)
50 hour minimum dual given to qualify (if a brand new CFI)
High traffic in practice area (3 schools in area doing same, plus Navy trainers)

I have been here for 4 years, joining in the fall of 2008 with the intention of finding a steady CFI job to ride out the downturn in the economy. I had just over 1000 hours when I started, now I'm close to 4000 but my twin time hasn't gone up. That works out to 750 hours per year, and I was fortunate enough to get ATP minimums when the program had a night and cross country phase. At this point though, I am looking to move on to a position that will increase my multi hours.

PM me if anybody is interested despite the pros and cons I've listed above. I don't mean to scare anybody off, just to state the facts. The job is posted in a well known Jobs site, but I thought I'd repeat it here, and help anyone interested any way I can.