Flight Tracking Software


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Curious to see what everyone uses for flight tracking at your airline. I've personally used Fusion and N Tracking and definitely like Fusion more, but it got me thinking about what other options there are.


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analogy :
Fusion is kinda like Jeppcharts very easy to read
They go above and beyond . N-tracking I’d like FAA charts , you got to do a lot to find the info


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My last airline had Flight Exploder, current one has Fusion. Fusion completely blows FE away in terms of features and functionality. Only things I miss from FE are the toggle buttons at the top and how it integrated with the flight planning software, e.g. if you click "show route" on a flight in Sabre DM, the route pops up on FE. Versus in Fusion you have to manually type it in or search for it in the Route Manager.

One thing I dislike about both is how slowly the flights' positions update. Many dispatchers at my shop use ADSBexchange or even FlightRadar24 to see their real-time position. That's "advisory only" though, of course.


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The one thing I liked about Flight Explorer was it had a voice feature where you could set it to tell you if a flight departed or arrived.

If someone left there desk for a bit, we'd program it to say, "Flight XXX123 has departed, F___ Y__! Then turn the volume up and wait.

I believe they dropped that capability.