Flight Sim Yoke


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I have been looking for a force feedback flight yoke for a number of years now, but have not been able to find one. Is there anyone out there who knows where I can buy one? I currently have the usb one from CH Products, its nice and all, but I never can get the airplane to trim right, much less hold altitude. Anyway, if somebody knows of one, i'll cut you a check for a million dollars (post dated)
CH Products makes one (I believe it's CH Products), but it's not a yoke. It's a joystick.

You can feel turbulance, wind effect, yaw... etc.

Please make that check payable to...
I know of about 10 or so force feedback joysticks out there, but not a single yoke....I wonder how hard it would be to hook the force feedback stuff from a joystick on to my ch products yoke...

as for the check...i can send you one post dated for about 110 years in the future....(that way my relatives get the shaft) hahaha
I'm in the same boat. Been lookin, never findin. There seems to be a pretty big market for them, its amazing nobody makes them. The first company to do so will make a killing. YA HEAR THAT CH PRODUCTS, MICROSOFT, LOGITECH, AND EVERY OTHER GAME CONTROLLER MANUFACTURER? THE FIRST COMPANY TO MAKE ONE WILL BREAK THE BANK! TAKE A HINT!!!!

On the other hand, if you are using your sim to touch up on your real flying skills, it may be better without the force feedback. I don't have much real flying experience, in fact I have only flown a real plane once on an intro flight. But I found the real plane to be very easy to fly after flying around in the simulator. I figure if you can keep the needles where you want them when you can't feel the airplane, it makes it that much easier when you can. It keeps you on your toes. Its kind of like a baseball player. He'll swing with two bats while warming up on deck. Then when he goes up to hit, the bat feels super light.