Flight Sim Program


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Anyone used X-Plane for PC's? I downloaded the demo version from Pipers website and it looks/sounds so much better than FS2002. For about $100 it's not bad, and X-Plane claims it has FAA approval for training towards ATP. That has to be some serious (non-gaming) software for the Feds to like it.
Just looking for feedback.
X-plane rocks! I have it on my Mac and a buddy of mine and I network the machines and have an instructors console and a flying console. It is amazing. I highly recommend X-plane!

For the price, the product is really impressive, and you get free downloads of the constantly updated version. And, you can pretty much download any plane. If you want practice with tracking bearings. NDB approaches, flying localizer back courses, etc. it is all right in this program.
Thanks Ophir,
I figured it was good since it uses up so much disk space, although that may not mean much. I have the demo version and it bites cause the joystick cuts off 6 minutes after program start.
I plan on buying the full-blown version once I get back to the US.