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Is htere anyone who is currently training in the Columbus Ohios area? I have a friend who is getting his PPL and after calling me on the phone last night and asking me questions about things his CFI said, I need to help him find a new instructor...thanks
Yea, The FBO where i work does flight training in the Columbus area. We have 3 CFI's...two older guys (40-50) both with thousands of hours, both CFIIME and our chief flight instructor who is mid twenties, 910 TT....

If interested ask more,

And if there is any questions i can entertain please ask!

Also check out Fairfield County airport in Lancaster (not too far a drive from Columbus). The FBO is called Fairfield Air Ventures. They have a very nice setup, a selection of aircraft and reasonable rates.
Thanks for the replies...I will forward the info on. The reason why I asked was that his instructor didnt seem very knowledgable in very basic subject matters....
Actually Newark-Heath is a lot better than AirVentures because:

1) Cheap Rates
2) Excellent Training Record
3) Very Knowledgeable Staff
4) Very accomodating to our customers
5) Straight shot out I-70 about 25 min
6) Just right next to CMH charlie airspace
7) Just generally better than Airventures...

have him give us a call,

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I grew up flying around that area being from Mt. Vernon. Flew in to Newark a couple of times with my grandfather when I was real young. Didnt seem to be a very big place, sounds like they have grown since I have been there last. When you mention good rates, what would those rates be? Im just curious because I havent checked out flying costs in that area since I moved away 5 years ago.
LOL Seth. Newark is a nice setup too. We may have met btw. I took my Commercial Written test at Newark late last year and have flown in a few times now. I am the British Line Guy from Zanesville (ZZV).

I went to LHQ for complex training because at the time VTA didn't have a suitable aircraft available. I understand that has changed now though.
Did you fly out of Wynkoop or Knox County?

Our rates are

1979 C-152-------------------------$56/hr
1973 C-172-------------------------$75/hr
2000 C-172-------------------------$85/hr
1979 Piper Turbo Arrow--------$120/hr
Instructor Fee----------------------$31/hr

The Turbo Arrow is not officially being rented yet due to an insurance policy change....but shortly she will be ready to go.
And all prices are wet too.

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I think we have met a few times...you were just up buying charts not too long ago. Sorry i had to knock Airventures, but they are our closest competition..
.. how is the business down there in ZZV...this wx is brutal.Maybe i'll see you around some time, later guys

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Knox County. It used to be a much busier airport when I was a kid, but it seems like it is falling apart these days. I flew home for a visit last May and the runway, taxiways and ramp were not in very good shape. Seemed like lots of grass growing up through the cracks, not very many aircraft in the tiedowns and generally seemed like a ghost town. I think the majority of its usage is for local businesses. Not a whole lot of flight instruction or charter going on there from what I could tell.

The rates there at Newark seem fairly comparable to here. I am a little surprised that they are so close because the FBO I fly out of here is basically the only one in the Des Moines area. There is one up in Ames at Iowa State University, but they dont have much to offer for rent other than a 172 or two.

Here are the rates I pay.

I generally fly the $80 Skyhawk because it is an older M model with a 180hp conversion with a Garmin 430 and two axis autopilot. Its a nice aircraft. I also am flying the 300hp Lance for my commercial. Wish they had an Arrow, but this is what is offered because it doubles as a 135 aircraft.

Anyways, nice talking to ya.
Tell me about the Ohio weather! I have had to cancel my checkride 3 times now due to high winds, low ceilings or a combination of the two. Hoping the weather will be more co-operative this coming Friday. Last week was great all week apart from Friday and Saturday (the only two days my chosen DPE can do the checkride). 4th time lucky I hope (the forecast is looking more promising this time though).