Flight schools around Richmond VA

You've got a couple to choose from around here. I've done some part-time CFI'ing in the past at Hanover (KOFP) which is a few miles NW of Richmond. It's got a really good FBO (Heart of Virginia Aviation), and their fleet consists of:

Cirrus SR-20 Glass Cockpit
Cirrus SR-22 Glass Cockpit
2 Tecnam Bravos Glass Cockpit
4 Cessna 172R model
Piper Warrior
Piper Arrow

The other option you have on the southside is Dominion Aviation at Chesterfield (KFCI). I flew there a few years back, but it's been a while. Pricewise you're probably looking at the same ballpark for either one and both have well-maintained equipment and good instructors. They're both Class E airports barely outside of the Class C for Richmond International. Chesterfield has an ILS and Hanover does not, but they're both within a few minutes flying time of each other and Richmond anyways. I would definitely recommend Hanover, but then again I'm not exactly impartial because that's where I fly out of. What kind of training are you looking to do? Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions I can answer for you.
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