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I'm getting ready to go and finish up my CFI certificate....I'm looking at three schools: ATP, Flightsafty (thanks for the link doug), and American Flyers. I have been to ATP for my multi, and was impressed with the quality of training, however I am not sure that an accelerated course is what I need right now. Anyway, if anybody has any info on these schools they would like to share, I would be gratefull. Specifically the american flyers is what i'm really leaning towards. What do you guys think?

I went to Shebles Aviation in Las Vegas for my CFI. They offered accelerated programs and can get you done in a week if you study a lot before hand. I really liked them. You may want to check them out. Otherwise see what the pass rate is for the FAA CFI checkride in your area, and go with a local FBO.